Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An interesting thought. When I was a child, my mother had 3 phrases she used fairly consistently - You've always got your nose in a book, You don't hear a word I say when you've got your nose in a book (heh-heh) and the real coup de gras was ... it's a waste of money - buying you a book - yuu read it in one day! Can you even imagine today's mother saying that?

And add this - in 10th grade English at Nottingham High School (Syracuse NY) we were assigned to read a chapter a day in The Crisis - a book about the Civil War. I loved that book and proceeded to read the whole thing. Alas - the weekly quiz betrayed me. The teacher was really quite annoyed and told me that I was not to 'read ahead' - just that chapter per week. I solved the problem by finishing the book & going back to review the damn weekly chapter the day before the quiz.

Can you imagine an English teacher saying that today? Ha! And what was it with English teacher's names. The Crisis teacher was Theodosia Moran. My next year's English teacher was Frederica Smith. She & I got along famously because she knew I loved reading - & also writing term papers!

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